Frequently Asked Questions

What is Our Role?

Select Title Agency, LLC is your title insurance agent as well as your escrow agent for your real estate purchase. Our team will work to provide you with the peace of mind during your home buying process, reducing your risk and helping you protect your property rights.

How Do We Protect Your Property Rights?

Prior to closing on your property, our team will examine and verify all legal documents. Though the process is quite complex, its imperative as it ensures the title can be legally transferred to you, the new owner.

Why is the process so complex?

The process is so complex because we search public and private records looking for previous liens, tax issues, unpaid child support, ownership disputes, forgery or fraud and other possible issues that could affect the property.

Is your search good enough to protect my property rights?

After our search, we offer you an owners insurance policy to help protect your property rights. Your lender will want a “Loan Policy” purchased to protect their financial interest in the property but only an owner’s title insurance policy protects your interest in the property. Owners Title Insurance is a one-time fee and protects you for as long as you own your property.